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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us. MOKA is a reliable partner of your business.

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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us.
МОКА - is a reliable partner of your business.

Carcass van

tyshCarcass van - one of the most complex body structures, which is developed by the best engineers and designers. Unlike the usual body, where the load is evenly distributed on the floor, in the car the whole load is attached to the roof. The roof under the weight of the carcass presses against the walls of the van, and they, in turn, on the edge of the floor. In this regard, such bodies have many amplifiers to increase strength, which significantly increases their weight and reduces load capacity. The designer and laboratory of MDM devote a lot of time to work to reduce weight and increase strength. The bodies are completely free of steel mortgages, which not only increase the weight, but also usually have a dew point, ie this is the place in the panel where the temperature is 0 ° C and condensate is formed.

The metal has a high coefficient of thermal expansion. Imagine that inside the panel is a steel beam, which then increases in size, then decreases.

MDM has developed load-bearing panels with special amplifiers made of composite materials, which are much lighter, stronger and do not change their size depending on the temperature. The design of the carcass truck also takes into account the forces of inertia from the carcasses, which continue to move in the original direction when the car changes direction. At a high center of gravity, the car becomes unstable, tends to roll over. To improve stability, work is being done on the chassis: a stabilizer bar is installed, the frame is strengthened.

Body data must meet the requirements of the SES for the carriage of products in direct contact. Therefore, all materials are made of aluminum, stainless steel and special plastic. At the same time plastic is specially developed for transportation of the carcasses resisting high shock loadings, strengthened by several layers of special fabric (more than 1000gr / m2), Has a corrugated surface. The non-porous glossy surface has an additional advantage - it is very easy to wash. Therefore, this material is safe in contact with food, as evidenced by certificates, and fully meets the strict hygienic requirements for transportation and storage of food. The van is completely airtight both inside and outside.


In our range you will find various models of the van for transportation of meat carcasses - the carcass truck which can be bought at the favorable price. All machines intended for transportation of the frozen products are made at our factory, thus the maximum weight of loading for roofs and walls is necessarily considered.