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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us. MOKA is a reliable partner of your business.

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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us.
МОКА - is a reliable partner of your business.

Bread vans


Bread vans are designed to transport confectionery and bakery products in trays. They have a specially organized interior. The van has several separate compartments, each of which is a separate rack for aircraft.
The grain van body has a rectangular shape with side single-leaf plow doors. Options of overall dimensions of a body, compartments, quantity of doors and trays by the individual order are possible. The vans are equipped with position lights and an interior light. Installed on the chassis of domestic and imported manufacturers.


At the heart of the van is a welded all-metal frame made of pipes with a rectangular cross section, which increases the strength and durability of the structure. The external covering can be executed: from the clad metal (wide color scale), the laminated plywood, plastic. High-quality expanded polystyrene or extruded expanded polystyrene is used as heat-insulating material. The inner casing is made of galvanized steel. In order to avoid condensation, which is formed from hot bread, the ceiling of the body is lined with hardwood paneling.


The body has single-leaf doors, the angle of their opening is 180 degrees. The side compartments of the bread van open and close easily. To prevent the bread from falling out during the passage, they are locked. The rubber seal for doorways is made of high-quality polymer rubber. This material retains elasticity in all weather conditions. Additionally, each compartment has a hole for natural ventilation, so that the body was not stuffy.


All bodies are equipped with galvanized oil-type fittings, which provides for the installation of locks. Fittings are not prone to corrosion, which increases its service life. The body is equipped with four ventilation grilles.


The lower part of the van, which has a wooden deck, is protected from water and dirt by galvanized metal sheets. Covering of a floor of the van: plywood of 18 mm impregnated with special protective structure Production of a floor covering by the individual order is possible. Exterior finish - Facing with an aluminum corner. The van is equipped with the upper dimensional lights and internal plafonds of illumination of a body.


Bread vans (or bread boxes, as they are sometimes called) differ in three main ways:
• Number of compartments for trays. It can be different and depends on the length of the van.
• Number of trays. This is a consequence of the number of compartments and the height of the van.
• Material of manufacture. As mentioned above, it can be clad metal and galvanized sheets, and can be laminated plywood.
• Insulation thickness. It can be a heater 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm thick
• Features of a design. Frame material, subframe type, additional reinforcements.
Our company offers to buy the Gazelle bread van on the basis of GAZ 3302, on the basis of GAZ 3309, TATA, ISUZU and other chassis. All presented models are already tested on Russian roads. We guarantee that the bread in such bodies will retain its taste and will be delivered to retail outlets while still warm.