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Water vans


Production of a specialized car for water transportation - a van with an all-metal body, equipped with metal cassettes for 19-liter water bottles. The water carrier is designed specifically for the transportation of drinking water and other liquid cargo in bottles. In the process of transportation, cylinder cylinders are in individual cells, ie do not move on the body, even with sharp turns and braking.

The presence of a rear door and a side sliding door makes loading and unloading fast and convenient. We are ready to offer the production of a similar model based on cars Citroen, Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes and others.

Purpose: transportation of water in bottles of 19 liters and other bottled cargo.

The car is equipped with metal cassettes for transporting bottles.

Areas of application: water utilities, housing and communal services, drinking water delivery services.

Body equipment:

- floor covering

- polyurethane filling;

- material of an internal covering of a ceiling and walls - plastic;

- material of an internal covering of a door - plastic;

- the compartment is equipped with cassettes (from a steel profile pipe) for transportation of 19 liter bottles with water;

- the compartment has regular lighting;

- rear doors, - side sliding doors, two doors in the cabin.

Specially designed equipment made of welded steel pipe can carry 44 bottles. The equipment can be modified to any requirements of the Customer.