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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us. MOKA is a reliable partner of your business.

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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us.
МОКА - is a reliable partner of your business.

Isothermal vans / refrigerators


An isothermal van is a converted refrigerated body with only dismantled freezer equipment for transporting food. The presence of a thermal insulation layer provides resistance to temperature fluctuations in the environment and helps to maintain the temperature inside the chamber. It is used for the purpose of transportation of products with preservation of a thermal mode.

The main application is the transportation and storage of fresh, frozen or warm or hot products. These include meat and dairy products, fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, confectionery, semi-finished products and chilled drinks.

The metal body of the 20/40/45 foot cargo isothermal container has a sturdy steel frame covered on the outside with special steel or duralumin sheets. The walls and floor are usually lined with stainless steel. The inner surface of the case is filled with thermal insulation consisting of polyurethane. For durability the floor is made of a T-shaped profile. In the walls of the container there are double doors made of the same material as the body itself. The doors are thermally insulated and lined with a rubber seal around the perimeter.



Internal dimensions (mm)







Internal volume (m3)



Welded construction of cold-rolled metal profile, improved type, with reinforced spars


Made of 3 mm stainless steel.


Support subframe, combined type of pipe and channel profiles, primed, painted

Fastening to the frame

With console brackets and unloading elements

Van construction

Frameless of load-bearing sandwich panels, divided into two compartments: the operator compartment, and a high-voltage compartment & nbsp;

Van glazing

on the left side opposite the side door is 1 window (metal - plastic swivel - folding)

side doors (single-leaf) - 1 unit. , with two-position locks of automatic type (open outside and inside), with one blind window;

There are two blind windows in the back of the high-voltage compartment, facing each other.

the cable is exited from the van of the car;

Operator Compartment

- The operator's cabin is equipped with seats with seat belts for 3 people

- Under the window is a folding tabletop that can be folded down (with a latch)

High Voltage Compartment

high-voltage compartment separated by a control rack, used to accommodate the main components of the laboratory

Sandwich panel thickness (mm)

Front wall










Load-bearing, multilayer, insulated construction


Anti-slip plastic


Plywood beam; & nbsp; insulation (extruded polystyrene foam) & nbsp; moisture-resistant plywood in 2 layers, 18 mm, top covered with car coating type Autoline with non-slip notch; & nbsp; seals & nbsp; & nbsp;


- Rear-sliding rear doors with latches in the open position, 270˚ opening angle with blind windows on the left and right

- insert organic glass into the rear door;

Door Portal

3 mm stainless steel.



Turnkey stainless steel rod type


Stainless steel in the amount of 3 pcs. on one sash

Hardware and

Stainless steel


Anodized aluminum corner protection profile


- Compartment heating system from the autonomous cabin air heater.

- There is a hatch on the ceiling of the operator's cabin, which serves as an additional emergency exit.

- driver's cab and operator's compartment, separated by a partition;

- arranged holes for high-voltage cable output;

- The operator's cabin has an intercom with a driver's cab.

- entrances to the compartments are made by means of escalators.

- car van lighting:

internal - from a single-phase 220V AC network and from a car DC network;

external - dimensional and marker lanterns and from the car network of a direct current.

- entry into the compartment is by means of escalators;

- number of people who can be in the laboratory during transportation, including the driver's seat - 2.