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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us. MOKA is a reliable partner of your business.

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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us.
МОКА - is a reliable partner of your business.

Flatbed vans


On-board vans are installed on general-purpose trucks, used to transport various types of cargo, except for liquid (without containers). Typically, they are used to transport flat, long single heavy loads, including those for which there are no weather restrictions.

There are several types of flatbed vans:

- On-board platforms
- Boards with awning
- Boards with awning and gate (European platform)

We manufacture flatbed vans for all types of commercial vehicles.

Board platform

The onboard platform is the most popular type of vans. It is a body with a low side without a roof. The folding system of lateral and back leaves optimizes process of loading - unloading.

The complete set of the van is determined by the needs of the customer for the process of transportation of goods.

Boards with an awning

In domestic conditions, it is advisable to use an on-board platform with an awning that protects the cargo from adverse weather conditions.

In this case, a roof frame is mounted above the platform and the awning is stretched.

Boards with an awning and gate (europlatform)

Such vans have a metal frame covered with an awning and a door at the rear of the body and a simplified design of the board. It is possible to apply inscriptions or the customer's logo on the awning.

Flatbed trucks are indispensable in any business.



Internal dimensions (mm)


5700 & nbsp; (up to 6000m)





Internal volume (m 3 )



Reinforced, combined type of pipe and channel profiles, primed, painted

Fastening to the frame

With console brackets and unloading elements


In two parts, made of galvanized profile, height 400 mm. The middle rack is folding.


Bakelite plywood flooring 21 mm thick. (-50 ° C to 50 °) is not & nbsp; susceptible to corrosion and fungus

Awning frame

Composed of profile pipes, primed, painted


Made in Germany, with a fabric density of 650 g / m 2 (customer's choice)


Board locks





  • dimensional and marker LED lights;
  • reflective tape;
  • side aluminum bumpers;
  • plastic fenders with rubber mudguard;
  • Folding step attached to the tailgate;
  • rear bumper
  • front wall to protect the cab from a metal frame and bakelite plywood (built-in viewing window).