Cars for construction crews

vahtCars for construction crews - a bus for construction crews and special purpose teams, based on a cargo all-wheel drive chassis, operated mainly in off-road conditions.
Depending on the length of the body and planning options, the capacity of the passenger module is 18-20 or 24-28 people. In the cabin seats are installed in several rows, in front of the possible installation of chairs "vis-a-vis" with a folding table between them. The shift must be equipped with a spare exit door, usually at the rear end.


Mobile workshops

mmMobile workshop - a car designed to deliver those. crews and repair of wheeled and tracked vehicles in the field. The body of mobile workshops is made on the basis of different types of cargo chassis and includes two compartments: passenger and technological.
The passenger compartment includes up to six seats (depending on the chassis and the project) with seat belts and headrests, a pull-out table, a radio communication system with the driver in the cab, etc.


Emergency repair machines


Emergency repair machines (AWPs) are designed to quickly eliminate problems and accidents at facilities that are involved in the provision of housing and communal services. Emergencies are completed depending on the main direction of the company that orders such equipment, in most cases it is associated with the elimination of emergencies on water, gas and electric highways.

In most cases, such cars have several compartments: passenger and technological. The passenger compartment is intended for transportation and rest of emergency crew (a case for things, landing places, heating, conditioning, etc.)


Sewer cleaning vans

KPVans are designed for emergency and preventive cleaning of sewer and drain pipes, settling tanks, wells, storm sewers and the elimination of debris in sewer systems. The machines are equipped with a set of channel washing nozzles, which are used depending on the diameter of the pipes to be cleaned and the degree of their clogging and allow to wash the sediment with high-pressure water jets.


Sweepers and vacuum cleaners

yborochThe machines are designed for mechanized cleaning of the carriageway of main roads, streets and other areas with asphalt or cement-concrete pavement with moistening of the sweeping surface and absorption of dust, with transportation of garbage to the hopper and its subsequent unloading.


Container garbage trucks

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Garbage trucks are an indispensable type of municipal equipment to ensure cleanliness and order, the proper functioning of public services.

By type of loading garbage trucks are:

  • with back loading (manual or mechanical);
  • front-loading method;
  • side loading;
  • portal download.