BDF containers

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BDF containers are interchangeable bodies  mounted on the chassis. They allow the rational use of road transport for the transportation of various goods.

The swap body can be replaced to another one in just 10-15 minutes via air suspension.

The BDF system can lift loads weighing up to 16 tons.
The process of changing the BDF container can take place without the use of hoists and cranes because of using pneumatic cushions, that are lowered, raised, and outriggers on which the container stands.

There are different types of BDF containers. The most common of them:

- With flat sides
- With doppelstock
- With 1 or 2 row of shelves
- With smooth or corrugated walls
- Metal
- Made of fiberglass


Рисунок10MOKAVTO is the first company in Ukraine which started production of swap bodies

The replaceable BDF system allows to reduce the downtime of cars in the course of loading and unloading works. Quick-change containers give you possibility to increase the capabilities of the truck and attract broader areas in logistics.

Key benefits of BDF-containers

It doesn't take more than 15 minutes to unload or load swap body on the track’s chassis

Рисунок6  The driver doesn’t need to wait for the container to be completely unloaded for 4-6 hours

The driver can remove the swap body himself or install a new one on the chassis

The swap body can become a place for temporary cargo storage while the car will get another job

The swap body helps to optimize logistics costs and reduces vehicle downtime.

Рисунок13   The goal of MOKAVTO is to ensure the readiness of your vehicle to high-quality and fast work

MOKAVTO is able to fulfill your order in the shortest possible time. We have modern equipment, many spare parts and top experienced engineers.

How it works?

Swap bodies are mounted on the truck’s chassis. Each container has 4 supports on the sides (so-called outriggers) which have a regulated height of 1130 - 1145 mm. Outriggers can be easily stored and removed in the container body.

The truck with BDF-container on the chassis drives on the warehouse ramp. A driver fixes the outriggers and loosens the clips and reduces the height of the truck with the help of pneumatic cushions. Then the driver gets back to the cabin and leaves from the container, leaving it in the parking lot on the 2021 09 22 08 23 48

The driver can pick up another swap body in just a few minutes. It is needed to connect the BDF-container carefully, increase the height of the vehicle air suspension, fix the swap body, remove the outriggers and follow the destination.

Using of BDF-containers gives an opportunity for implementation of innovative non-standard logistics. It involves separating multi-kilometer route of cargo delivery in several sections. At each section the truck arrives at the logistics terminal and remains the swap body there. In the shortest time container is loaded on another track and follows to the next terminal, while another container is installed on the chassis of the first track to be delivered to the opposite direction.

The relay method makes it possible to triple delivery speed, possibly halving the fleet of trucks, and reducing downtime of trucks up to 3% of working time.

The introduction of the relay logistics pays off in 1.5 - 2 years, and the cost of transportation is reduced by 5 times.

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So we could note the following main advantages of swap bodies:

- Increasing of speed of goods movement in 3 times

- Reducing the fleet of trucks in 2 times

- Reducing downtime of trucks up to 3% of working time

- The cost of transportation is reduced by 5 times.

- The introduction of relay logistics pays off in 1.5 - 2 years.

Рисунок8  MOKAVTO is experienced in manufacturing BDF-containers of various types.

According to the request of a customer containers may be equipped for transportation of different goods - from home appliances to food.

Swap bodies can be used only for land transportation: they can’t be stacked and therefore are not suitable for sea transport.

Standard technical characteristics of BDF containers:

External dimensions, mm

7450 х 2550 х 2950

Internal dimensions, mm

7250 х 2450 х 2700


Tubular frame, lower stroke, made of bent metal from 3 mm thick.

The outer surface is smooth, with a galvanized profile of 1.5 mm. The inner surface is a 1.5 mm metal profile with a notch for fixing sliding rods.

The corners of the rear portal are reinforced.

Dimensions and design of units according to DIN EN 284

Support outriggers

Certified manufacturers (JOST, Shneider, etc.), 4 pcs., With adjustable height, hidden in a niche in the stowed position. Height of adjustment from 1130 to 1430 mm, according to DIN EN 283


Waterproof glued plywood of 21 mm durability according to DIN283

Surface treatment

Outriggers, shelves and blinds - powder coating.

container - two-component polyurethane enamel, color of the customer's choice

Basic equipment

- 4 rigging body mounts at the top of the body.

- three-level floor, with a load on the shelf up to 600 kg.

- 6 brackets for fastening of a grid / tightening belts

- sliding galvanized stairs

- grapple hooks in accordance with EN 284

Additional equipment

- a mechanical device, which is built into the left post of the rear portal, to block the opening of the blinds

- roller shutter opening sensor.

- anti-vandal padlock

- bumpers.

External marking

BDF container numbering:

- 4 stickers on the sides.

- pointers of a place of fastening of fittings of the car to the BDF container (4 pieces)

- reflective tapes on outriggers.

- reflective tapes on a contour of a back portal (red), on lateral contours of the container (white)

Internal labeling

BDF container numbering:

2 stickers with number and bar code of the number. Stickers with pointers to the shelves. Stickers with shelf numbers.


MOKAVTO can make other types of containers to order

Refrigerator (isothermal container)

izo20An isothermal container is a converted refrigerated body with only dismantled freezer equipment for transporting food.


Office and household containers


Standard-sized office and household containers will be an excellent basis for an office or temporary living space.


Specialized containers

1Specialized containers are a type of transport container used to transport non-standard goods.


10 - 40 foot containers (Sea)

20fSea containers are designed for storage and transportation of goods by sea, rail or road.