Special purpose cars

We offer the production of vans for personnel, equipped with seats and other necessary equipment for servicemen.

The passenger compartment of the vans must be equipped with the required number of seats, a communication system with the driver's cab, technological boxes, light and sound signals. When creating this type of equipment, it is necessary to take into account that the van must be free of parts and objects that could harm people and equipment, or they must be hidden in special cabinets or boxes.


Mobile command post


A mobile command post is a special vehicle for the command staff, equipped with the necessary equipment to participate in hostilities. These vehicles must have a long-range communication system to control combat operations at a distance.

In order to make transport more convenient and practical, the bodies of mobile command posts are interchangeable. There are several options for the appearance and technological capabilities of mobile command posts. Most often exploited a form in which the side walls are pushed apart, forming additional compartments.


Military mobile kitchens


Military mobile kitchens are used to create comfortable conditions for cooking and feeding personnel in the field. Due to this, the van contains a removable design that allows you to increase the area of the kitchen.

The mobile kitchen is divided into compartments. In the center is a cooking area. The sides are foldable.

Thanks to the installed kitchen equipment, it is possible to cook food for more than 100 people at the same time, it is possible to accommodate more than 20 people inside.