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Production address: Ukraine, 18008, Cherkasy, Smilianska str 149

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Production and sales

  • Special bodies
  • Commercial equipment
  • Utility vehicles

We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us. MOKA is a reliable partner of your business.

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We produce innovative modular vehicles. We give positive emotions and care to everyone who works with us.
МОКА - is a reliable partner of your business.

Repair (Full or partial)

Trailers and semi-trailers are the same vehicles as the car itself, so they also need diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Repair of trailers and semi-trailers is not an easy procedure due to the high manufacturability of modern equipment.

Thanks to modern equipment, an unlimited number of spare parts and extensive experience of our masters, we are able to help you fix any problem of your equipment easily and quickly. We have been repairing commercial vehicles for more than 10 years, so we know everything about partial and complete repairs of trailers and semi-trailers based on daily practice.

Timely diagnosis of the condition of the trailer and the necessary repairs and maintenance will help you avoid most of the problems that are usually the cause of even greater and more complex breakdowns.

The goal of MOKAVTO is to ensure the readiness of your vehicle for quality and fast work. Therefore, we pay great attention to reducing unforeseen downtime and the time required to restore trailers.

LLC "MOKAVTO" offers services of full or partial repair of the following types of equipment:

  • Trailers and semi-trailers;
  • BDF containers;
  • Refrigerators;
  • Isothermal containers;
  • Grain trucks;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Manipulator cranes;
  • Shifts;
  • On-board vans;
  • Military technicians;
  • Water carriers;
  • Bread vans;
  • Manufactured vans;
  • Carcasses, etc.

We can provide a full range of services for the repair and maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers, including:

  • Priority washing of trailers and semi-trailers before further repair and maintenance.
  • Diagnosis of problems.
  • Tire fitting and wheel replacement.
  • Dyeing.
  • Chassis repair.
  • Repair of electrical equipment.
  • Brake system repair.
  • Chassis repair.
  • Repair of axles of semi-trailers;
  • Repair of calipers, replacement of repair kits of guide calipers;
  • Replacement of brake discs, pads;
  • Replacement of brake chambers;
  • Replacement of hub bearings;
  • Check and adjustment of tightening of bearings;
  • Replacement of spring / semi-spring bushings;
  • Replacement of airbags / semi-springs;
  • Checking the frame for damage and cracks;
  • Checking the pneumatic system for leaks;
  • Floor level adjustment;
  • Diagnosis and testing of the hydraulic system for leaks;
  • Oil change in the hydraulic system;

At MOKAVTO, each type of work is performed by a separate experienced master, who can provide recommendations for the maintenance and care of equipment.

We have all the necessary equipment and spare parts to carry out the above work.

The final cost of the service is formed by the master receiver directly during the personal inspection.